These are scripts created for the online browser-based MMORPGs HoboWars and HoboWars˛. Feel free to contact me on either game about bugs or suggestions.

None of my scripts store any data except for the battle simulators, which let you decide.


01/05/2010Experience calculatorFixed and improved.
05/27/2009Experience calculatorNow lists any gaps in the data, and provides a formatted version of the data it uses.
02/26/2009King's Cup solverWritten by Mike B (HW1 890542), hosted here.
09/25/2008War Chamber calculatorNow works with the new-format members list.
03/21/2008Next exact stat calculatorNew: Suggested by nobo.
08/01/2007War Chamber calculatorNow works with the new "Begging" and "Intelligence" columns.
05/09/2007Experience calculatorNew: Suggested by nobo.
03/13/2007HP gains dataAn incomplete list of the HP gains for each level.
01/02/2007Battle simulatorsMore code improvements.
12/30/2006Message previewerBetter code, new layout, etc. Added "profile comment" preview.
12/30/2006Image-to-[hex] converterBetter code, new layout. Now combines uploading and loading from URLs into a single page.
12/29/2006Rat index calculatorNew layout, better code. No longer requires you to click "Calculate."
12/29/2006University solverNew layout.
12/29/2006Hall of Fame toolNew layout.
12/29/2006Battle simulatorsCode significantly improved. Various improvements, fixes, and updates for the simulators themselves.
12/29/2006Cart calculatorImproved layout and code. Still needs work though.
12/29/2006Armory toolNew layout, improved code. Now notifies you if a deleted player was still holding equipment.
11/21/2006Message previewerFixed "replace" feature and added more built-in colors for the editor.
11/10/2006Image-to-[hex] converterNow requires file uploading instead of a URL due to server restrictions.
11/08/2006University solverAdded a "generate puzzle" link. Fixed IE "reset" bug.
11/01/2006Message previewerAdded JavaScript message-editing tools.
10/27/2006Armory toolFixed a small bug for KoRnDragon.
10/17/2006Message previewerSome fixes and updates to improve parsing.
10/12/2006University solverNew: A JavaScript version of Orber's applet.
10/11/2006Cart calculatorNew version.
09/21/2006Message previewerSome fixes and updates.
09/07/2006Battle simulatorsSeveral updates.
08/16/2006War Chamber calculatorCan now check for gang tags, expanding on KoRnDragon's suggestion.
07/29/2006War Chamber calculatorFixed a bug and added something to handle the new "LA" column.
07/28/2006War Chamber calculatorNow allows you to count members with invisible stats into the level/ID averages. Suggested by KoRnDragon.
07/26/2006War Chamber calculatorNow remembers your selections when the results page loads. Suggested by KoRnDragon.
07/19/2006University solverNew: Written by Orber.
07/18/2006Hall of Fame toolNew: Suggested by White Knight {GN}.
07/12/2006Armory toolNew: Suggested by KoRnDragon.

My scripts

Armory tool
Reports people with multiple weapons/armor or mismatched equipment from your armory.
Battle simulator 1
Simulates a fight between two hobos. Rat damage not included. Fights can be saved and viewed later.
Battle simulator 2
Uses a somewhat less random damage formula than the one above. Thanks to Orber for the suggestion.
Cart calculator
Calculates cart stats from specified parts configurations.
Experience calculator
Calculates the experience required for your hobo to move between specified levels.
Hall of Fame tool
Compiles HOF data into a handy table. Doesn't work with the new HOF, but I'll leave it here in case anyone still uses it with old data.
Image-to-[hex] converter
Converts an image into HB-TML code. Automatically resizes to scale.
Message previewer
PHP, JavaScript
Preview several types of message before posting. Includes a guide to HB-TML and message-editing tools.
Next exact stat calculator
Find the next stat you will reach that doesn't have a decimal part.
Rat index calculator
Calculates your rat's current index, and the number of index points required to advance.
University solver
A JavaScript version of Orber's applet below. No plugins or additional programs required.
War Chamber calculator
Generates detailed and customizable War Chamber stats from the gang members list.
HW1 - RA members list
The Rogue Agents' members list (way out of date, though).
Exp. data Data I've collected about level requirements and experience gained from winning battles.
HP gains data Data I've collected about HP gains from leveling through fighting and begging.


HoboWars Stat Evaluator V2
St.Dark (HW2 15790)
Adds rings, respect, a gang experience table, etc.
Excel spreadsheet (.xls), 2380KB download.
HoboWars Stat Evaluator V1.5
St.Dark (HW2 15790)
Automatically calculates various useful info from your stats.
Excel spreadsheet (.xls), 2346KB download.
King's Cup Solver
Mike B (HW1 890542)
Solves the King's Cup puzzle from the adventures.
Sinsonido King (HW1 21846)
Stat tracker/calculator. See program for instructions.
Windows executable (.exe), 101KB download.
University solver
Orber (81042, 6836)
The original Java applet, written by Orber. Produces the best possible solution for any University puzzle. Make sure you have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.
University solver
takÅmaru (HW2 19770)
Spreadsheet version of Orber's University solver.
Excel spreadsheet (.xls), 41KB download.
Win percentage calculator
Sidneycat (HW2 30174)
A JavaScript win percentage calculator.


Andy's hobowars stuff
Andy (HW1 269179)
Author of the average post count script and some other pages.
Cart combos
Everclearules20 (HW1 111042)
Guide to combinations of the XT-10a and XT-10b parts with the Royality Cart.
Flash HoboWars tools
Parsley (HW1 431901)
Parsley makes Adobe Flash versions of commonly-used HoboWars tools such as the University solver, cart calculator, and rat index calculator.
Hall of Fame Calculator
FoolMe (77335, 2786)
Works like mine, except it's designed for the second version of the HOF.
Hobo stat calculator
author unknown
Calculates maximum possible stat gains per day.
analytik (53500, 4683)
A HoboWars wiki by analytik.
CrackFiend (415085, 72216)
A Firefox extension (or Greasemonkey user script) that adds some standard calculations to HoboWars when the page loads.
HoboWars Auto-Login script
cbrian (HW1 2527)
Simple Greasemonkey script for Firefox that automatically logs you into HoboWars.
HOBOWARS Exp Calculator
Andy Smith (HW1 1063545)
Calculates experience gains from attacking someone. (Currently incomplete.)
HoboWars LastFM group
creator unknown
A place for HoboWars players to share their musical tastes.
HoboWars Lotto Generator
Urbn (HW1 421791)
Generates lotto numbers and allows players to prove they didn't rig the lotto.
HoboWars Tips
author unknown
Collection of information about HoboWars, now including a wiki. Formerly the official HW tutorial.
Shizzle (289922, 32865)
A HoboWars wiki.
KoRnDragon (HW1 14916)
The downloads section contains Windows programs, including a stat calculator, a cart calculator, and a rat betting calculator.
Lambo's BETTER Stat Calculator
Shizzle (289922, 32865)
Quick stat calculator by Shizzle.
News Archive Summary
Slemish (HW1 83215)
Summarizes your wins, losses, and money gains for all the news items you paste into it.
Rat Battle Simulator
Shizzle (289922, 32865)
Simulates rat battles. Works like my hobo battle simulator.
Rat Cloner
Zeitgeist (HW1 922284)
Attempts to calculate a rat's stats from a battle with it.
ZIP archive (.zip), 10KB download.
ScriptX's HoboWars page
ScriptX (105019, 4810)
Collection of Windows programs written by ScriptX. (Layout by me.)
Stat Gain Calculator
FoolMe (77335, 2786)
Calculates stat gains between two sets of War Chamber stats.
Stat Ratio Calculator
unsatisfactory (HW1 928794)
Calculates stat ratios.
The Uni Game
author unknown
Simulation of the University game.
University solver
author unknown
Windows version of Orber's University solver, hosted by FoolMe (77335, 2786). Written by a player who has since been deleted for inactivity. Make sure you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer.
University solver
author unknown
Another Windows version of Orber's University solver.
University train calculator
author unknown
For any level, calculates the stat gains at the University with 1-16 points.
Wellness Clinic Calculator
Rusty (1380958, 98076)
For any number of visits, calculates the visit cost and cumulative cost of using the Wellness Clinic.
Win percentage calculator
author unknown
Calculates how many wins you need to reach a given win percentage.