The Exiles

These are scripts I created for The Exiles, their GameSpot forum, or Game Rankings (GR). All of them are at least a year old now, and most were created while I was still new to web programming.

Cyber Wars hitlist
An alternative to the Cyber Wars hitlist, which requires donator status (having donator days isn't enough).
Final Fantasy X Battle
The first thing I ever coded that wasn't out of a "beginning C++" book. The code was awful, but it mostly works. It puts you through random battles against FFX monsters while controlling three party members, then saves your game after each battle.
FireBot's letter to Scott
Hosted for FireBot, who wrote this letter to the administrator of Game Rankings.
FireBot's rebellion war journal
Hosted backup of FireBot's chronicle of silly forum drama.
GR "Advice to N00bs" thread
Requested by Lee (head editor), written by Jay Vojan, and edited/coded by me to offer advice to Game Rankings newcomers. Styled to match the site.
GR Terms of Service
Lee (head editor of Game Rankings) asked me to code this TOS, which was written by Jaycube and Lee. It quickly was removed, but here's a copy nonetheless. Styled to match the site.
Lee chat
Log of an AIM chat about Lee, head editor of Game Rankings.
Photo album
A photo album of people from Game Rankings, GameSpot, and The Exiles.
Programming links
Some programming-related links. Not all of them seem very useful anymore, but there are still some good ones.
Searchable list of quotes from Game Rankings, GameSpot, and The Exiles.
RPX clan page
My redesign of the RPX clan page from Game Rankings. Hasn't been used since 2006.
Table generator
Generates HTML table code and opens an HTML editor. Could use some rewriting.
Torn City member chart
Was used to track gang members on Torn City.