Mike's stuff

This is where I keep various things I've made. A few things might interest you:

In 2007, my site was the focal point of a big story about Todd Goldman. The page I made is primarily a summary of a Something Awful thread, but somehow that's the way it spread across the Internet. I was threatened by Goldman's lawyers and all the incoming traffic brought my tiny site to its knees, but nowadays things are pretty quiet.

I also host copies of all of LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series videos and MP3s. Until an official website was created, LittleKuriboh linked to my site from his YouTube profile. I still keep the downloads up-to-date, so it's the easiest way to obtain the best-quality files available.

I provide hosting for Advent Revising, a fan patch of the PC version of Advent Rising. The patch is made by Setz, and my brother made the logo. I wrote some scripts to help them create and assemble it, and also wrote the webpage.

Setz's "Let's Play" of Advent Rising is also hosted here. It is a fully commentated playthrough that shows off the game's history, storylines, secrets, and deleted content.

Lastly, I've written some utility scripts for HoboWars (a browser-based MMORPG), for some forums I posted on, and a few others just for fun.