v2.0 additions (Full version)

  • Higher quality Xbox-exclusive cutscenes
  • All cutscenes re-edited, with visual corrections
  • 15 cutscenes new to patch v2.0
  • 7 newly edited movie files



2.6 GB .rar



This pack contains all modified cutscenes, improving the lip-syncing and correcting even minor problems, such as visual stuttering, noise, and glitches. Includes better subtitles for all cutscenes.

Total cutscenes: 83
Config files


1.5 GB .rar



This pack contains important cutscenes. These cinematics feature significant visual edits and audio repairs, fixing the most egregious problems. Includes better subtitles for all cutscenes.

Total cutscenes: 50
Config files


367 MB .rar



This pack contains the bare necessities: 13 restored Xbox cutscenes and corrections to videos with framerate issues. Includes better subtitles for all cutscenes.

Total cutscenes: 21
Config files

Don't want anything besides subtitles? Only Subtitles.

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Steam and GOG installations now come with Advent Revising v2.0 Full installed by default. You do not need to download the patch if you are using these distributors.

Place all Advent Revising files (including optional config files) into the main Advent Rising folder and unzip them with a program such as 7-zip or WinRAR. The location of the install directory varies according to where you purchased the game:

Standalone retail version

C:\Program Files\Advent Rising\

Steam version

32-bit Windows
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\advent rising\
64-bit Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\advent rising\ version

32-bit Windows
C:\Program Files\\Advent Rising
64-bit Windows
C:\Program Files (x86)\\Advent Rising

You'll be prompted to replace the existing files. Choose "Yes to all" to install the patch. Note that the patch will not affect any crucial or irreplaceable files (such as save games). If you're worried about being able to uninstall the patch, then you may want to create a backup of the Advent Rising directory beforehand.


If you have the Steam version, the patch can be uninstalled by validating the game cache from the game's Properties window. Otherwise, you must restore from a backup of your directory, or reinstall Advent Rising.

If you encounter any problems, consult the frequently-asked questions.


You can contact Setz, the author of this patch, at the e-mail address below.