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New members would be well-advised to read through this thread to avoid making any mistakes. Read this before replying in other threads or making your own.
The Basics of Posting
The easiest way to gain attention (in a positive manner) is to post intelligently. Posts with simple one liners (examples being “that’s cool” or “Yeah man” don’t contribute to anything. One key way to gain respect here is to post using proper punctuation, grammar and spelling. “i” instead of I and “u” instead of “you” are examples of shorthand that not only make it difficult to read, it also make the poster come off as illiterate. It requires little effort to complete the sentence properly. No one is expected to post grammatically correct 100% of the time. As long as you make every effort to ensure your posts are clear and concise, others will notice and appreciate the effort.

Do not post in any threads that are more than a month old. To determine how long ago the thread has been posted in, check the date listed with the last poster in the thread. If it was more than a month ago, don’t post. Also, don’t use polls in threads if they are more than a month old. No one wants to see an old thread bumped and those that repeatedly do so will face a mass deletion from editors.

Do not double post. If you double post, use the delete button to remove the second post if it's because of a system mistake. If you’re posting something new to the thread and you were the last poster, use the edit post feature instead of making a new post. Its annoying to see multiple double posts and repeatedly double posting may result in deletions.
Game Help
If you are stuck in a game and you’re looking for information about what to do next, head over to GameFAQs. They have plenty of FAQs and other information to help you out. Do not post a question here unless you have gone through the game’s entire FAQs list there. Posting here with those questions will result in flaming. If you are still trapped in a game, when you post your question, make sure to state that you already checked GameFAQs beforehand.
Making Threads
Common mistakes n00bs make when they join are making threads about topics that have been covered to death. Favourite system, favourite game, favourite genre, favourite band, favourite music...these thread topics have been done before and there’s no reason to repeat them or ask. These topics by n00bs are generally left alone and those that choose to respond may simply flame you.

Avoid fanboy/fangirl behaviour. If you like a game, state the reasons why you like the game, not because you think its cool or the main character is great. If you’re going to talk about how much you love a game, simply backing it up with reasons will avoid flamers. Well thought out opening posts will also serve you well. If you’re inclined to make longer posts (always a welcome sight), make sure to separate various points by paragraph. No matter how well written it is, if its a 20 line single paragraph, its just an eyesore and most won’t bother reading it.

Certain series are known for fanboy antics more than others. The Final Fantasy seems to draw out equal amounts of hatred and foolish fanboyism and their threads are prone to turn into flame wars; other series draw out equal amounts of activity. If you want to talk about either, look for a recent topic on the games and post there. Emphasis on recent topic.

Here is a message Editors post when you don’t post game threads in their correct folders:

Game Rankings and its Editors realize that not everyone knows how to make a proper game-related topic in its correct folder. Therefore, Game Rankings Editors will be available to assist in the learning process. However, if a user is told how to create game-related topics in the proper folders, and the user fails to comply to proper topic-making etiquette, any improperly made game-related topics will be deleted.

To create a game-related topic in its proper folder, use the Search Engine to find the webpage of the game you are looking for. Click on the Forum tab, and then click on "Post a new message". You may now create your topic, as it will be in the correct game folder.

The topic of polls is covered in the Spammer List thread but simply said, try to avoid making them and if you do, follow the directions there to disable to poll after the results are in. Leaving the poll in place afterwards will generally lead to the thread being deleted.
Clans are groups of active posters who get together generally due to some common interest: online gaming (OCP), Nintendo products (NGC), RPGs (RPX), each other (GRE). GR currently has plenty of clans that can suit anyone’s interests. Do not start your own clan, period. We have plenty of clans right now and there is no need to add more to a site filled with clans. Some clans are considered the vet clans and some are considered the younger clans. If you decide you want to join a clan, each clan has their rules in their respective clan threads. Note that being in a clan won’t affect your entire time on GR. Many regular GR members remain clanless and not being in a clan does not limit other GR member’s opinion of you.

Current clans
GRE Game Rankings Elite
XGP Xtreme Game Players
NGC Nintendo Gamers Clan
OCP Online Console Players
D1X Named after its founders
RPX Role Players Extreme
BSG Blue Shaded Gamers
FGA Fanatic Gaming Alliance
Important Threads
The following links are the most important around GR. The one that every single n00b should check out is the Spammer List thread. In it, you will find information about sig sizes, bump polls and a link to a video that will cover much of what has been said.

Game Rankings Message Board Terms of Service
Recommended Viewing for all N00bs
Miscellaneous Advice
Levels and points are just there to show that you are an active member of GR. Points do not mean a thing and will not make anyone respect you. Do not mass vote for games to gain points since that is an easy way for others to disregard what you say. Levels are randomly updated every so often and reflect time on GR. Levels are based on logging on daily to GR and posting. Do not waste anyone's time making a thread to ask about levels or points since no one cares.

Also, for those with questions about why sites are not included in GR's database, check the following link for more information: General Help

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