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This directory contains LittleKuriboh's Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show episodes. Instead of his normal YouTube channel, they are uploaded at Ninjabridge.
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directoryYouTube Rips (25 files)528.58 MB2012/10/03
aviSPOOF MOVIE NO JUTSU~!.avi682.61 MB2012/10/03 14:25
aviNom-Con Promo - Dublin, Ireland - 05_08_2011.avi22.16 MB2012/10/03 13:37
mp3Ninja Soul.mp31.36 MB2012/10/03 13:35
mp3Naruto The Spoof Series - Training Ninjas.mp38.81 MB2012/10/03 13:35
mp3Magical Lyrical Punch Chan Desu Kun.mp31.27 MB2012/10/03 13:35
mp4commentary.mp4141.62 MB2012/10/03 13:32
mp3bryanadamsnojutsu.mp37.48 MB2012/10/03 13:21
avi8 - ENNETHING NO JUTSU~!.avi280.14 MB2012/10/03 13:17
avi7 - FARTABET NO JUTSU~!.avi183.63 MB2012/10/03 12:55
avi6 - WEEABOO NO JUTSU~!.avi265.5 MB2012/10/03 12:40
avi5 - MILKSHAKE NO JUTSU~!.avi262.52 MB2012/10/03 12:16
avi4 - BOWIE NO JUTSU~!.avi291.06 MB2012/10/14 10:05
avi3 - FANSERVICE NO JUTSU~!.avi176.68 MB2012/10/03 11:32
avi2 - SKIPPING NO JUTSU~!.avi19.19 MB2012/10/03 11:19
wmv1 - PILOT NO JUTSU~!.wmv43.22 MB2012/10/03 11:18
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