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LittleKuriboh made a bunch of YouTube channels as a sort of Easter egg for the "Marik's Evil Council of Doom" video, which briefly shows a screenshot of Yugi's CardGamesFTW channel. The other accounts could be found in the comments on Yugi's videos.
I've uploaded YouTube rips of all the videos on the accounts, for completeness's sake. The videos are just 5-second still frames intended to give the account an avatar, except Yugi's profile has "Yami Gets Punched." The names of the accounts are in [brackets] before the names of the videos.
Since then, LittleKuriboh has used the CardGamesFTW channel to upload new videos. I've sorted those into the appropriate directories instead of this one.
TName ^SizeLast Modified
avi[AlisterHenchman] Alister.avi47.35 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[BobAkhenaden] Bob.avi46.65 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[BrainsBrainsBrains] Zombie Boy.avi48.33 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[CardGamesFTW] Yami Gets Punched.avi509.87 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[CardGamesFTW] Yugi.avi55.06 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[CrikeyValon] Valon.avi53.04 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[DartzBored] Dartz.avi52.1 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[DinosaursRCool] Rex.avi51.27 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[DuhhhZygor] Zygor.avi48.86 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[FearMyRod] Marik.avi58.89 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[FluffyBaku] Bakura.avi54.57 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[InsectsRCool2] Weevil.avi52.44 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[RaphaelZugZug] Raphael.avi44.6 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[RedHeadSid] Sid.avi49.91 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[SpiceGirlsForLife] Pegasus.avi52.86 KB2012/10/02 09:39
avi[ZorcNPals] Zorc.avi41.03 KB2012/10/02 09:39
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