Current Members (10/10)
DarkProphet : DarkBelthasar
Class High Wizlord of Darkness
Skills Dark Eternal, Divine Intervention Ray, Star of Destruction, Crying Heavens
Position Keeper of Souls
Gold 1500
You must have at least 1000 posts.

You must have at least 5 RPG reviews. They will be checked for quality and plagiarism.

If you don't have the reviews, there will be a trivia challenge consisting of three tough questions, all of which must be answered correctly.

Darkie and Ryan are the co-leaders, and are in charge of all major decisions regarding the clan. They will ask clan members to vote on important decisions, including new members.

At least 20 posts a week, to prove that you come to GameSpot often. Exceptions can be made (for vacations and such) if you inform the clan beforehand.

No spamming. No further explanation is required.

No fanboyism; we love all RPGs.

Once you've been in the clan for more than three months, it's your choice whether to leave or not, unless the clan has a reason to vote you out.
Joined Jul.04
Game Rankings account
Ryan Saotome : RyanSaotome
Class Dark Knight
Skills Control Monkeys, Monkey Cannon
Position Monkey Master
Gold 100
Joined Sep.04
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  RaFÐøX : rafdox
Class Pandemonium Rune Master
Skills Wrath of Ur, Instant Death 13, Infinity Spirit of Baskar, Aegean Might
Position Holy Paladin of RPX
Gold 350
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  Soulbleed : soulbleed
Class Blood Mage
Skills Regeneration, Blood Sucking, Immunity to Light
Position Vampire of RPX
Gold 100
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  50 : RPX-50
Class Graveslayer
Skills Summoning, Death Sentence, Death Flare, Ultima Meteor
Position Deathdealer
Gold 100
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Class Celestial Lady Knight
Skills Heaven's Judgment, Cosmos Blast, Blinding Assault, Mystic Healing
Position Guardian of RPX
Gold 100
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  Mike Tyndall : MikeTyndall
Class Dark Master of Chaos
Skills Chaos Blade, Dimension Shift, Chronos Assault, Mindblast
Position Mystic Defender of RPX
Gold 100
Joined Oct.04
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  Juan Sebastian : JuantonimoBay
Class Cosmic Ranger
Position The Minority of RPX
Gold 100
Joined Jan.05
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  Soup : soupjhhs
Gold 100
Joined Feb.05
Game Rankings account
  Jay : jvojan
Class Necromancer
Skills Malignant Darkness, Fatal Eclipse, Obscura Maxima, Venenifer Umbra
Position Nerevarine of RPX
Gold 100
Joined Mar.05
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Honorary Members
Past Members
-D1X- FireBot : FireBot
-D1X- Zak : haunteddragon
-XGP- VideoXPG
50 : RPX-50
Crimson Knight
Frylock Holmes : FrylockHolmes_
PMac : MasterPMac