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[SIZE=5]Members (10/10)[/SIZE]
[B]Darkie (co-leader) : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=DarkBelthasar]DarkBelthasar[/URL][/B]
[B]Ryan Saotome (co-leader) : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=RyanSaotome]RyanSaotome[/URL][/B]
[B]RaFX : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=rafdox]rafdox[/URL][/B]
[B]Soulbleed : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=soulbleed]soulbleed[/URL][/B]
[B]50 : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=RPX-50]RPX-50[/URL][/B]
[B]Mike Tyndall : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=MikeTyndall]MikeTyndall[/URL][/B]
[B]Juan Sebastian : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=JuantonimoBay]JuantonimoBay[/URL][/B]
[B]Soup : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=soupjhhs]soupjhhs[/URL][/B]
[B]Jay : [URL=http://www.gamespot.com/user/profile.html?user=jvojan]jvojan[/URL][/B]

    [*]At least 1000 posts.
    [*]At least 5 RPG reviews. They will be checked for quality and plagiarism.
    [*]If you don't have the reviews, there will be a trivia challenge consisting of three tough questions, all of which must be answered correctly.
    [*]Darkie and Ryan are the co-leaders, and are in charge of all major decisions regarding the clan. They will ask clan members to vote on important decisions, including new members.
    [*]At least 20 posts a week, to prove that you come to GameSpot often. Exceptions can be made (for vacations and such) if you inform the clan beforehand.
    [*]No spamming. No further explanation is required.
    [*]No fanboyism; we love all RPGs.
    [*]Once you've been in the clan for more than three months, it's your choice whether to leave or not, unless the clan has a reason to vote you out.

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